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Over-the-Counter Medication and Medical Reimbursement Plans

For many years, taxpayers have not been able to deduct as a medical expense on their tax return the cost of unprescribed over-the-counter medications. However, taxpayers with Flexible Spending Arrangements (FSA), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA), Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Archer Medical Savings Accounts (Archer MSA) could reimburse themselves for the cost of over-the-counter drugs, and, as a result, pay for the medication with tax-deductible dollars.

As part of the new Health Care legislation, that benefit will go away in 2011 and the cost of over-the-counter drugs, except for insulin, will no longer be reimbursable unless they are prescribed by a physician. This essentially puts those with the tax-favored FSA, HRA, HSA and MSA plans on an equal status with other taxpayers with respect to over-the-counter medication after 2010.

Taxpayers with these plans should, where appropriate, stock up on essential over-the counter medication before the end of 2010.

  • 28 Oct, 2010
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