WFH understands the unique aspects of local governments, political subdivisions, and other agencies which operate under state governance. These entities must not only comply with accounting standards put forth by many divergent standard-setting bodies, but they are also subject to special reporting and compliance requirements of state and federal lawmakers.

No entity is more in the public eye than those whose financial support comes from taxpayers and other local constituents. Let WFH guide your management through this maze of requirements to assist you in presenting financial information that is timely, accurate and compliant, meeting the expectations of the citizenry that you serve.

WFH can assist governmental entities with the following services: 

  • Audits of financial statements in accordance with Government Auditing Standards
  • Single audits of federal program expenditures in accordance with OMB Circular A-133
  • Preparation of financial statements under standards promulgated by Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB)
  • Preparation of component unit financial statements to be consolidated with those of the primary government
  • Interpretive guidance of compliance and contractual requirements inherent in federal grant programs
  • Preparation of interim financial information required in conjunction with bond issuance
  • Analyses of internal control policies and procedures for the purposes of making recommendations to increase their effectiveness and create efficiencies in the processing of financial information

Leanne Cross, CPA
Assurance Partner