Health Care

WFH is well aware of the financial and operational challenges facing all medical care providers as a result of our current Federal and State regulatory environment. WFH is prepared to assist you in managing the increasing needs from an aging population for quality health care, during a period of rising costs and declining reimbursement, by evaluating your current health care delivery system and identifying alternate health care delivery opportunities.

Physicians, hospitals, and medical practices have been relying on the processional accounting, tax, and auditing services of WFH for many years. Our experienced staff of professionals has the experience and the knowledge to provide all of our services to medical entities of all sizes.

Our tax department has expertise in all aspects of the Health Care Reform Act. This industry knowledge and experience assists businesses in navigating through the web of regulations and complexities challenging them today:

  • Audits of financial statements in accordance with applicants auditing standards
  • Business advisory and reimbursement consulting
  • Due diligence and other analytical assistance in connection with mergers and acquisitions
  • Financial forecasts and fratability studies
  • Practice startup assistance
  • Strategic planning
  • Compensation consulting
  • Internal audits
  • Internal control analysis
  • Succession planning


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Wm. F. Horne, Jr
Managing Partner
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Leanne Cross, CPA
Assurance Partner