We understand that your organization has a primary mission, and the energies of your management should be spent on fulfilling that mission, not worrying about your accounting needs. WFH knows that the priorities of not-for-profit organizations are as unique as the communities they serve, not the least of which is meeting the needs of the valuable donors who support them. WFH can help you to use your limited resources as efficiently as possible, and show you the benefits of running your financial operations like a business.

In addition to the traditional audit, accounting, and tax services we offer, we can assist in the following ways:

  • Design a financial information structure that will provide separate accounting for each of the programs that you administer
  • Develop budgets and forecasts to support grant applications
  • Monitor compliance with program requirements
  • Provide training to your staff for administrative and financial tasks
  • Perform analyses of internal control policies and procedures for the purposes of making recommendations to increase their effectiveness and create efficiencies in the processing of financial information
  • Assist in the preparation of application for tax-exempt status

Donald W. McDonald, CPA
Tax Partner

Jennifer Jenkins, CPA