Retail & Wholesale

Both the retail and wholesale industry are constantly changing as a result of a consumer driven economy, cash flow, and many transactions. These factors have resulted in a challenging environment for many businesses owners to establish efficient accounting systems to monitor and record the huge quantity of financial data needed. The heavy growth of retail businesses in this industry require business owners to be in tuned with all their financial health to make decisions quickly, grow, and prosper.

Businesses owners in these industries must be focused on operations, leaving the financials to WFH will allow you to commit your time to reduce operating costs and risks, while assisting them to reach their short-term and long term profitability of your business. 

WFH understands the challenges faced by the retail and wholesale industries, and through quality financial management we help companies both survive and thrive.

  • Financial analysis
    • Budget assistance
    • Buy/sell agreements
    • Succession planning
  • General ledger write-up
  • Income tax preparation and planning
  • Payroll
  • Payroll federal and state tax reporting
  • Consultations regarding lease/purchase decisions

Marcus J. Martin, CPA